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Detective Career- Become a Part of Our Detective Network

best detective agency india Hi ,

Thanks for having evinced interest in this very interesting, adventurous, intellectual and remunerative field of Private Investigation (PI) i.e., Detectives

We are one of the largest Detectives in the World having international presence, including that in India. To know more about our company, please log on to

We are inviting experienced & professional Agents in India ( Any State, City or Town) to join our Team. Never the less if you are interested but don’t have experience we will train you under our detectives who have years of experience and thousands of success stories to their credit having worked with us for years and before us with the local police & other Federal Agencies.

To execute our assignments in India, we are on the look-out for honest and hardworking persons, preferably on a part-time, we assure to give them 10 – 20 days work in a month.

The candidate should have a pleasing and good personality with excellent command over English, Hindi, Urdu and other local languages. We also give him exposure of meeting our clients and close business deals, including dealing with huge amounts of money and responsibility.

You could be from any State, City and Town in India with a valid driving license and a good bike or Car.

You should be good at handling video cameras and mobile phone cameras and other electronic items.

You should be very intelligent so as to deal with different and sometimes, Uncomfortable and difficult situations.

You could be of any age group from 16 to 60.

The work is generally, to secretly keep an eye on the suspects on the instructions of either their employers or relatives etc. You should be spying the suspect with utmost diligence and not get caught while doing so.

You should be smart enough to find out ways of collecting information on various subjects.

After putting you through some test case, In case you are found to be fit for the job, we will get into an agreement whereby we will give cases along with our plan and requirements.

We will empanel you and pay you a retain ship amount, irrespective of the fact if we give you a case or not.

If required you will be asked to contact the client to understand the case and on completion, submit the report.

As there are huge amounts of money involved along with responsibilities, you will have to give us a Bank guarantee or deposit. Your training will be through papers/material sent by mail, and on a case to case basis.

You will have to execute an agreement for at-least 3 years.

You may be given an additional case incentive/ price/ bonus amount, if the case has been done very well and all the requirements of the client have been met.

You must have a thorough knowledge of State, City and Town in India and be prepared to go to neighboring countries, if need be.

Detective Networking

Panel Detective Agencies

detective career hr Networking of Investigators at the micro & macro level is in the gross interest of the Client and the noble business of Private Investigations. Lessons should and have been learnt from the ancient history of Kings & Monarchs, which has been brought to perfection by the Investigating Agencies run by all countries. Thus, the need of international, interstate, inter-agencies and inter-investigators cooperation and coordination by the Private Detective Agencies. This network should be integrated to precision without letting regional, racial, business standing, reputation and egos affect such teaming up. Over the years we have been educating & encouraging professionals to team up and consolidate networks in mutual interests.

As we keep getting assignments from every nook & corner of the world, we have been enlarging our panel of Detective Professionals to execute these assignments. Thus, we are inviting all those who would like to join our panel network. Please feel free to mail us your interest so as to process your consent of empanelment.

New Agencies

Being into the Private Investigation business since the last 31 years, 100’s of Private Investigators who have been employed & trained by us are now running their own agencies. We are one of the very few agencies encouraging such agents, to join the fraternity of Private Investigators, as we believe that there are no competitors but professional brethren and that ultimately everyone will get their share in the business and the respect that they deserves. We are continuously advising & sharing business with them & invite aspiring individuals who are willing to learn & work hard with integrity, honesty & dedication.

Our Proposal

To facilitate the marketing & development of such new or operating agencies, we have created a business development division for such companies.

There are about 60-100 companies currently operating their business in India and 100-150 around the world for each of the names, a few of them have shown their interest and have even given their offers to lease, design & host the domain name for their companies. The companies by the similar names are popping up and increasing by the day and thus the below list and potential agencies are increasing accordingly. We shall select the best of the offer and lease, design & host the same for them. Those interested in the names are advised to act fast and make the best offer for the domain name required. Please find below the domain names related to the Detective agencies in India & abroad. This offer is open on the first best offer basis.

In case, this adventurous job and lucrative payments excites you, and you can join immediately, please revert onmail/contact the under-signed.

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